berry bronze eye shimmer ( I used a little dark brown shadow on the crease for defintion and circled the eye with the berry bronze around the entire eye/lid and on top of the dark brown.  We paired this look with a black gel liner but if you wanted to try something a little more subtle then the penny liner would look amazing with this as well.  

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what it is: good for your skin mineral-based foundation with lightweight texture providing flawless skin. Medium to full coverage.

why its good for your skin: This antioxidant blend infused of humectants and minerals is healthy for the skin with ceramides to increase softness of the skin plus natural sun protection.   

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How To:  Contour your eyes with light and dark shadows.  

This trick will reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and make your eyelids look bigger and younger.
 All our trio palettes (star shimmer palette seen here) have light and dark coordinating shades.  
1. medium shade on lid and below eye
2. darkest shade on crease and corner upper and lower lid/lash line.
3. lightest shade below brow and the around tear duct to make the eyes pop! 
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Fall makeup trend

Sep 24 2016

Berry-Stained Lip
The trend: Berry-Stained Lip

The breakdown: "This is definitely one of the standout Autumn trends for me. It covers hues from deep, dark berries and purples to black. For those who want to dabble, a berry shade can be extremely flattering, as it works well on all lip shapes and comes off as extremely romantic. For the truly adventurous, opt for darker berry, blue, or even black shades. These were also big at New York Fashion week.  Our favorite go to that works well on all lip shades, vamp.

Get the look:  vamp lipstick and cinnabar lipliner.  
For a soft berry, apply a darker shade to the center of your lips, and then use your fingers to draw the color out to the lip line (make sure lips are moisturized). 
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