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Sep 24 2016

Berry-Stained Lip
The trend: Berry-Stained Lip

The breakdown: "This is definitely one of the standout Autumn trends for me. It covers hues from deep, dark berries and purples to black. For those who want to dabble, a berry shade can be extremely flattering, as it works well on all lip shapes and comes off as extremely romantic. For the truly adventurous, opt for darker berry, blue, or even black shades. These were also big at New York Fashion week.  Our favorite go to that works well on all lip shades, vamp.

Get the look:  vamp lipstick and cinnabar lipliner.  
For a soft berry, apply a darker shade to the center of your lips, and then use your fingers to draw the color out to the lip line (make sure lips are moisturized). 
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photographer: Russ Underwood @russellu model: Katarina Pavic @Reinhard hair&makep: Megan Ambroch @shcosmetics

Let's end the summer with a gorgeous & simple Saturday afternoon into sunset makeup application.  

Step 1: Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, a mineral powder to combat oil, and a bronzer for a sunkissed look. When applying bronzer, concentrate on your cheek bones, middle of forehead, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and chin.

Step 2: Brush a light layer of shimmer eyeshadow across your lids. Place some lighter shadow in the corner of your eyes to help them pop. Line your top lid with a waterproof gel liner. Don't forget your waterproof mascara!

Step 3: Complete your look by filling in your brows and a fun lip in a peach or pink tone.

Products Used: baked mineral foundation//mineral highlight bronzer// baked beauties in viva and belize//waterproof gel liner//keratin mascara//mineral brow pencil/mint gloss in sunburst



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Keep your lips soft and minty fresh this summer with two favorite pretty pink lipglosses. Paraben free and cruelty free! Mint baby doll and mint pink extravaganza
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gel eyeliners

above photos feature sh. cosmetics waterproof gel eyeliners 

1. Pick the right color
For starters, here is a guide. Deep purple goes with green eyes. Olive greens are best for brown eyes. Purple and deep rose bring out the best in hazel eyes. Copper or darkest shades of blue look flattering on blue eyes. So, choose a shade that best complements your eyes.  
2. Keep the rest of the look simple
When you use colored eyeliners, you are likely to draw more attention to your eyes. This means your eyes will become attention grabbers. And when you do so, make sure the rest of your look is relatively simple. 
3. Balance the look
 If you are using colored eyeliner, then use shades of brown, bronze or gold for eye shadow. Stay away from using colored eye shadow when using colored eyeliner.
4. Use an eye shadow before the eyeliner      
Applying eye shadow first does not just emphasize the look but also makes both eye shadow and eyeliner last longer than they usually do.
5. Avoid a few things
There are certain things that are better avoided when it comes to colored eyeliners. Blues, greens and purples are the best colors in the category of colored eyeliners. They can make your eyes enticing. Similarly, there are some colors you should stay away from unless you have a bizarre costume party to attend. These include yellow, orange and red. Dark colors continue to be preferred shades in eyeliners. Do not neglect the bottom lids. Apply eyeliner all the way around the eye for a mesmerizing look.  
6. Choose gel or pencil eyeliner & complete your look with mascara         Whatever your preference pencil liner or gel liner is up to your expertise, both can come easy after a bit of practice.  Traditional black or brown mascara can never go wrong and will also accentuate and complete your look. 
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model:  Reinhard agency

Pretty Valentine

Model wearing flawless complexion gel
baked mineral foundation
chocolate mouse gel eyeliner
keratin mascara
trio shadow palette in natural
mineral brow pencil
On the lips she is wearing our top sellling mint gloss!
mint kiss on the left and on the right she is wearing pink exstravaganza

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Little Smiles Gala 2015

Founder of sh. cosmetics, Megan Ambroch & her team where honored to donate their time and talent to this wonderful charity event for the kids, Little Smiles.  


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