corrector duo concealer (full coverage)

what it is:  full-coverage concealer.  Created for top plastic surgeons, estheticians and makeup artists.
what is does:  instantly camouflage dark undereye circles, to conceal and protect the skin, covers dark circles, blemishes, scars, minor imperfections, and discolorations with a unique two-shade camouflage system while protecting the skin.  
what else:  With lots of pigment this concealer requires very little product and effort to achieve perfect coverage that lasts for hours.  Dermatologist-tested, non comedogenic, won't clog your pores, allowing the skin to breath while healing.  A pro-makep artist favorite.
how to use:  dab with finger tip and tap and blend to deminish blemishes and undereye circles or use a concealer brush.  
 .5 g (o.18 oz)  in see through twist off container

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