what is one SECRET every great artist knows?

January 21, 2013

                       Every great artist knows that he or she is nothing without the right tools.


                                 A behind the scene collage of sh. cosmetics pro-makeup artists 

From the novice to the professional, sh. cosmetics knows this and created the best.

What makes sh. cosmetics brushes the best?  Research, development and testing. 

Research and developing:  looked into the market to find the most luxurious, shed-free, 100% eco-friendly and 100% vegan, materials to create the most luxurious cosmetic brushes in the market.  

Testing:  we tested on celebrities, models and actors, not animals.   While receiving overwhelming positive responses, quoting “ these are the softest best brushes that ever touched my face, what are these and where can I get them? "  We then revealed our secret, the best tools in makeup,  sh. pro-luxury eco-brush set.