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 About sh. cosmetics

Every woman wants to look her absolute best.  At sh. cosmetics, we know precisely how to make this a glorious reality.  sh. cosmetics is a line of makeup that offers a combination of skin care and beauty enhancement for every woman.  We offer solutions that will simplify every woman’s beauty regimen through unique ingredients formulated to nourish and protect the skin while enhancing natural beauty.  Our products, rich in vitamins and antioxicants, are at the forefront in cosmetic trends, bringing out the natural beauty in every woman while significantly improving her skin's condition and appearance.  The line presents women with an innovative, high quality option that exemplifies the definition of chic while adhering to the principal of keeping beauty simple.  sh. cosmetics is the wave of the future in accentuating natural beauty.  Designed to keep it simple, whether you’re in front of the camera, behind a desk, on the red carpet, in your wedding gown,  or out on the town,  sh. cosmetics helps every woman accentuate her natural beauty and convey her own style.  For those who want to shine inside and out, sh. cosmetics is a stunning start.     

All of our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.  Our cosmetics contain natural and organic ingredients, gluten free and vegan.   sh. products are demagogically tested and non-comedogenic for sensitive skin.  sh. products are made in the U.S.A.  Also our eye-palette shades can be individually replaced to reduce waste in the environment. 

About Megan Ambroch-CEO and founder, sh. cosmetics

Megan Ambroch’s unique talent, knowledge and experience, accentuated with her modern vision as a skilled freelance makeup artist and skin care specialist, has as enabled her to travel the world, doing what she loves creating beauty.   Megan has extensive experience over the last decade with a diverse range of nationally recognized clients from major fashion houses to film studios.  Everything from, print, feature films, music videos and commercial, Megan has worked with some of the largest national and worldwide brands.

As a celebrity makeup artist and skin care specialist, Megan Ambroch was constantly frustrated that the beauty industry was saturated with products, yet not one single line of cosmetics satisfied all the needs of her clients.  In 2003 she decided to create her own brand.  The result was sh. cosmetics (pronounced shhh). After long research and development, the sh. cosmetics brand, a line of natural cosmetics, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, so light they feel like nothing on the skin, yet they provide amazing color and coverage that lasts all day and night was born. Products that will protect and improve the skins condition and at the same time make you look fabulous.

The vision behind sh. cosmetics is to give the consumer, a line of cosmetics that work best with all skin tones, and will accentuate natural beauty and convey individual style With this in mind, Megan formulated each product in the collection to deliver the benefits of nature through a rich mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.    


 "The secret- sh. cosmetics, was created for my clients, friends and family, to accentuate each individual natural beauty, products with natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, to help create a flawless complexion bring out ones best, using the highest quality natural ingredients, long-lasting simple products, tested by dermatologist, never-tested on animals, made in the USA, and Hypo-allergenic. "  -founder Megan Ambroch







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