tube mascara


What it is:
A tube-forming, water-resistant mascara that gives buildable volume with no smudging, flaking, running, or clumping. 

What it does:
After years of development, sh.cosmetics wanted to create incredible, buildable volume and length mascara while offering a smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, and flake-proof mascara. Glossy, volumizing and extending coats of mascara that form tiny water-resistant “tubes” around the lash.

What else you need to know:
Removing is just so easy, and requires no makeup remover.  Sensitive eyes and contact wearers, will love this formula!   Simply apply a little warm water along with some gentle pressure, and the tubes easily slide off your lashes. You will actually see the tiny tubes in your hand as it comes off without leaving any messy black tint or residue behind. 

 Extra fact:  What we love about this mascara, if you forget to remove it in the evening, it won't smudge or smear.  Plus its a a pro-athlete favorite.  You won’t ever have raccoon eyes even after sleep.  It stays put.  Bonus

shade:  black

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