blemish serum


 What it is: organic serum for acne-prone skin with dryness. 100 percent natural ingredients to address blackheads, breakouts, pores, and excess oil and provide moisture where needed. Natural botanicals & essential oils will combat breakouts, acne without stripping or drying the skin. Free-radical fighting anti-oxidants & nourishing omegas restore, protect and balance the skin and help protect future damage

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin, including blemish-prone, hormonal & problematic skin.

 Skincare Concerns: acne, acne scarring, dry oily combo skin, blackheads, occasional breakouts, rosacea red skin and anyone that wants balanced glowing skin. 

Beneficial ingredients: 

Rosehip oil- omega-6 fatty acid regulated sebum production (vitamins A& C)

Dragon’s blood- antimicrobial, kills bacteria, highly antioxidant, red skin & fade spots

Grapeseed – southing, moisture balance

Neroli-blemishes, dehydration

Bergamot-eczema, stress skin, anti-inflammatory

Tea tree- fight breakouts & clogged pores & acne scarring

Oregano-antioxidant & acne fighting 

Lavender- blemishes & eczema & acne scarring

evening primrose-balance & sooth skin

Green tea extract-potent antioxidant & increases collagen


What else:  each of our serums are small batch individually hand crafted with science and love.


 Application method:

STEP 1: Serum

On cleansed skin place 2-3 drops of serum in the palm of your hand.  Apply AM & PM before any other skin care product or makeup. 

STEP 2: Activate

Quickly rub the palms together to further activate the Serum. 

Step 3: Press

Using both hands, push and press into face, neck, and décolleté for 30 seconds.



Casey-this serum has changed my skin!

My 40+ year old/after 3 babies/rapidly changing hormonal skin from dry, red rosacea and with painful acne to even, hydrated and smooth skin. I feel confident with barley any makeup on for the first time in my life.

Jenny -39 combonation skin but normally everything breaks me out

Omg this product has almost single handedly made my skin FLAWLESS ! I’m exceptionally picky and everything breaks me out so I was skeptical at first but this is a dream.

Allison-32 Everyone Needs This Product!

I love the smell!  This serum has become my go to in my skincare routine. My skin has never looked so healthy and hydrated. And my acne has disappeared.

Jennifer-43- New essential

By far my new favorite serum! I've been using it since it for almost 2 months and it has helped remove a lot of blemishes and evened out my skin tone. I love that is has dragons blood in it and its very moisturizing!

Monique-52- Non-negotiable in my skin routine

If you have large pores, this Serum is for you. This product is my new holy grail. It has gotten rid of my adult acne and it has great ingredients to leave my skin silky smooth and radiant. Use it every morning and night.

Maura-48- Works on problematic skin!

I received a sample of this product two weeks ago. I have been using the samples frequently since and have noticed my skin texture has improved and the appearance of my acne has decreased substantially.

Brenda-22-GREAT SERUM!

It absorbs nicely into the skin and has worked well with the rest of my skin care. I have noticed some improvements to my skin and can’t wait to see long term effects! I love the smell.


I used a sample for the first time under my makeup in the am and went to work and two people commented on how amazing my skin looked! I love it & I will be purchasing for

Tom- 38 Game Changer

I have tried everything for my blackheads & dry plus oily skin and this has evened everything out and my blackheads are gone.  Highly recommend.