mineral lip crayon


what it is:   long-lasting, soft and silky lip pencil.

what it does:   saturated with color and improves the wear of any lipstick so that it will not fade or smudge.Lines, define and enhances lips with lip-nourishing botanicals and velvety rich minerals with a luxurious long lasting creamy liner.

ingredient benefits:   Emollients include natural coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and fruit waxes to moisturize the gentle lip area.  

what else?  these shades will go with every lipshade in our collection.  If you have trouble guessing which with your lipshade, just send us an email we would be happy to help.  info@shcosmetics.com

paraben free  gluten free  vegan  cruelty free 

 net wgt. o.o4 oz/1g. pencil